Bank holiday bonanza – our Morrisonsmum challenge

MORR-320-Week14_heroI was thrilled to be picked to be a #Morrisonsmum mainly because I’ve never really shopped in Morrisons so it was a great opportunity for me to try something and somewhere new.

So off we trundled with our vouchers to begin our Morrisons adventure…

It’s the start of their ‘I’m cheaper’ campaign where they’ve reduced the price on over a thousand products – all identifiable with the yellow stickers. According to them it’s cost-cuttng without compromising on quality – so I was interested to see if this was the case.

First up what really impressed me when I walked in was the fantstic displays of fruit and veg – they looked so good. I loved the fact they had gentle sprays of water wafting over the mounds of herbs and veg to keep it fresh and cool – perfect.


I was also impressed to see a range I haven’t seen in most other places – samphire, they actually had samphire! A great addition to a supermarket which caters for a population not far from the sea. I bought giant leeks and a large head of broccoli – which came in at just 49p. I bought a huge bunch of kurly kale which seemed so much fresher and appealing than the big bags of chopped stuff I’ve bought in other supermarkets.

There were loads of things that impressed me – the fact you could get reduced salt and sugar baked beans from their own range at just 32p – much less thean I normally pay. I picked up a delicious sour dough bloomer for a pound and their own brand unsalted butter was also just £1 – the cheapest I’ve seen for a while.

On the meat counter I got two lovely chunky pork chops for just £3.08 and some diced lamb for £2.86 – that’s ear-marked for a curry.

It was a really positive experience and we even had a lovely chat with the cashier who told us her husband worked at a rival supermarket and how they had their own in-house price war at home!


Once home with a huge amount for our money I decided on two definites I’d make over the weekend to test out Morrison’s goodies. Fish pie is a family favourite and a classic. I used the reduced price salmon I bought, along with two fillets from a bag of four frozen cod fillets. These were one of the best buys – £3 for four large cod fillets, just can’t argue with that.

We had a fab Bank Holiday walk by the river with a bit of pond dipping along the way and worked up a good appetite and I have to say it was delicious! Everyone agreed the cod in particular was succulent and tasted great.  Ribbet collagemorrisons

I used Morrisons’:
Albert Bartlett potatoes – £2.29 (used about half a bag)
Cod fillets – £3 (used half a bag)
Salmon (£2.69)
Milk (89p)
Cheese – already had some
Butter (£1 about quarter of a pack)
Frozen peas ( £1.79 a good handful)
With a few of my own store cupbaord essentials thrown in. Approx £1.25 per portion – made five good portions


Next up were Bank Holiday lemon biscuits made by Arthur and I.


Morrison’s supersaver flour comes in at just 45p, so along with £1 for six free range eggs and my bargain butter they were a cheap and cheerful way of baking with my boy. Oh and I used one of the lemons from a four pack of lemons and limes at just 99p. These came it at around 7p ber biscuit – I made 12.



I’ve been really impressed and will definitely be going back again. The fresh veg and fruit have proved to be fantastic quality and a great price and the meat and fish have been lovely so far. Well done Morrisons – I think you’ve bagged yourself a new customer!

Aldi supermarket convert

Aldi logo

At the weekend I went to a press/blogger event hosted by the supermarket Aldi. I want to be honest here and say I have never really shopped there, I may have popped in for the odd thing but I never considered it for a full shop.

I’m really pleased to say this event sowed the seed of my transformation into an Aldi convert! They are working hard to compete with other major supermarkets and I was really impressed with the number of lines they have  -I never knew they had an organic range or that they sold really good quality baby food. They are fast becoming a real alternative rather than somewhere to pop in for a few things.

What I really loved was hearing about their honesty and how the customer really is at the heart of all they do. We were told how Aldi had ’no frills’ so they could pass on savings to their customers and that this was a major consideration for them as a business. At a time when all our finances are being squeezed to the max this is refreshing and reassuring when you have children to consider. On another note I had no idea they have an organic range too – I learnt a lot.

We also heard from the buyer of the baby ranges – who also happens to be a mother of two small children. It was clear she put the emphasis on quality and her and her team were taking the time to get things right. They were keen to hear our feedback and find out what we wanted from a baby and toddler range. There’s an integrity surrounding the brand that I’d never really thought about before.

We were able to take some products home and I’ve put many of them to the test already.

So what did we think…

Wet wipes – let me say right now these are the best wipes I have ever used. Simple. They are strong, have the proper packaging that doesn’t leave you trying for hours to get one wipe out, a real bugbear of mine!  They have a gentle smell and are neither too wet or too dry. Perfect and for 79p for 80 it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t buy them. I’m definitely swapping over. It’s not just me that thinks it either – they’ve won loads of awards including: the Loved By Parents ‘Best Wipes’, Mother & Baby’s ‘Best Wipes’.

Nappies – Arthur’s been trying out the Aldi Mamia Easy Pants size 5 – considering we went out for lunch and then played outside all afternoon, they lasted amazingly. He might be only two but I did ask them if they were comfortable and he said: ” my bottom feels bootiful mummy’ – a glowing endorsement indeed! The Easy Pants cost just £2.99 for 20 – the Mamia new born ones start at just £1.69 for 24. That’s real value for money.

Aldi Mamia nappies

Great quality – great bargain

Washing tablets and softener- I have a neighbour, Sheila, who at 78, travels across the city to our Aldi to pick up this washing powder. She’s a hardcore washer from an age when sheets sparkled on lines many times a week and she washes everything all the time!

Could she be right? Well I’m two washes in using the Almat non-bio washing tablets and softener and I can see where she’s coming from. Just a great wash, lovely smell and even the pen on Arthur’s jumper came off. everything was beautiful and soft when it dried and I’m so pleased with the outcome. I used a capful of softener so it’s on par when it comes to how long it will last.

Lacura range of face care - this morning I used the Lacura caffeine eye roll-one which is supposed to deliver a hit of moisturiser and ‘pep’ you up a bit for the day.

The Lacura Intensive serum is also pretty amazing for £3.49 – I use it under my moisturiser and it made my skin feel fab.

Lacura face serum

In fact I sound like a broke record but I can genuinely say all of the products have performed brilliantly and saved pounds from my normal shop. I’d just like to see a few more stores appearing so it makes shopping at an Aldi store more of a possibility as that’s the only thing stopping me now. I’ll be road testing some more Aldi products over the next few weeks and bringing you my thoughts. For now though, I would highly recommend a visit.

Super Six

Every fortnight, six different fresh fruit and vegetables are heavily discounted, often to prices as low as 49p or 69p. This means you can get your fruit and veg without breaking the bank.

Coming soon….The Aldi Baby Event

The Aldi Baby Event starts on 30th May. Things like their nappies which start at just £1.69 for a pack of 24 new born ones remain the same price no matter what. Aldi want you to know that if something costs X amount one week then it will still cost X amount next week too – it’s all about the honesty I mentioned earlier. But during the event there will be special purchases that are not normally on offer, such as baby blankets, swim nappies and lots more - take a look, you’ll be impressed.