A right old song and dance!

There are very few if us who haven’t accidentally on purpose ‘lost’ the batteries to a particularly annoying toy or ‘forgotten’ one of those relentless children’s songs cds that have echoed through my nightmares after a particularly repetitive day.

So I was so chuffed when Megson’s new cd dropped through my letter box. ‘When I was a lad…’ is a collection of children’s folk songs and I was keen to see if the world of children’s music ventured beyond pychotic episodes of repetitive glee and animal noises I’d encountered so far.

Megon ticks the box with this cd – it’s actually cool and I loved listening to it with Arthur. But more importantly than that he loved listening to it and we’ve spent several happy saturday mornings baking cakes while wiggling our bottoms to ‘All the shops have fallen down’.

I think it’s a clever mix of interesting songs and lyrics which hold enough repitition and fun to hold a little person’s attention. I love their version of Five Little Ducks and the lyrics in ‘All the Shops..’ really make me giggle and we’re always singing along to ‘ fleas and mites’ and Arthur has a quick check to make sure they’re not in my tights.

It has a sense of history I really love, like families for generations could have been lsitening and yet it’s the freshest children’s music I’ve come across – very clever! A simple mix of great songs, beautiful played and a strong sense of story-telling that really works for us. And because I don’t find it annoying and like to have it playing it means Arthur and I have been able to enjoy it properly, together, without duress. If you’re looking for some new music to enjoy together I would highly recommend this for all ages. Well done Megson, I’m looking forward to the next one.