Party season top tips

This month we’re completely in the grip of party season. Arthur and all his little friends seem to have turned two within a couple of weeks of each other and this has meant parties – lots of them.

Sadly we can’t rely on the great British weather to help oil the wheels and free us from a house full of mini hurricanes wreaking havoc – fuelled by cake and crisps. So it’s indoors and to hell with the consequences!

It’s never an easy feat to host a birthday party or any kind of party come to think of it. There are carpets to consider, random food allergies to deal with and then fact you are opening your door to lots of people who don’t live there and who simply won’t understand there’s a reason you keep the potatoes in the downstairs loo – just me?

I’m through the other end after a relatively successful party so here are the things that got me through and my tips for making sure your party is a big hit.

  • Make sure you have a manageable amount of people. Don’t do aspirational party inviting. If you live in a terrace house remember that or you’ll be overrun and unable to enjoy any of it.
  • Give yourself plenty of time – panicked invites and little prep mean you could be left with too much to do.
  • Simple always works best with small children – kids love cakes, bright colours and things to play with. The temptation is to go crazy but remember little people don’t have huge attention spans
  • Have a theme – it makes life so much easier – Arthur had pirates which meant cake idea was sorted, as were decorations, we had pirate dress-up and all the children had a pirate themed party bag
  • Party bags – there’s loads of pressure to produce something amazing but I made it very simple. Yummy cakes, a mini pirate book, and a thank you from Arthur we’d made before hand and printed
  • Make sure you have enough lighting – might sound crazy but the british weather means we’re often left with little natural light and this doesn’t make for a very good party atmosphere. Think about where the action will be and brighten it up with ceiling lights or have a few spotlights on hand. It helps keep the mood bright until you need to do the dramatic ‘dim’ for the cake!
  • Finally the cake – I had Arthur’s made and while it was an extra cost it saved me time and energy and meant I knew it would like like a pirate rather than some dodgy stick man weilding a sword.

These are my reflections and the things I will definitely be thinking about for next year. Oh, hiring somewhere else and letting them do all the hard work – that’s my last tip!