Easy easy anytime biscuits.

These were the easiest lemon Easter biscuits ever. Granted they don’t have to be for Easter but it’s such a fool proof recipe I like to engineer the name to fit!
100g butter
100g golden caster sugar
175g plain flour
1 egg yolk
Zest of one unwaxed lemon

Literally whiz it all together by hand or in a blender. Chill in cling film for half an hour and let the children loose with cutters and glitter. You can swap the lemon for any flavours you fancy. Cinnamon works well with raisins or a spoonful of cocoa.

We made rabbits, chicks and some everso Easter dog-shaped biscuits! Granted they might not look the best but they taste great and, what’s great is that the dough can take a great deal of pounding and prodding by little fingers and still comes out well.

Just a simple,’go to’ recipe for rainy afternoons and special day baking.