Henry Hugglemonster’s Roarsome Scooter review

This week we’ve been reviewing the new Henry Hugglemonster’s Roarsome Scooter.



Golden Bear has just launched this great little toy as part of their new range based on the hit Disney show, Henry Hugglemonster. Henry is the middle child in the Hugglemonster family, a close knit but madcap family, and the increasingly popular Disney Junior series follows the five year old’s daily life and the ups and downs he faces.

So, on to the toy – it’s really cute and feels nice and robust in little hands. Arthur enjoyed making him scoot along and I was impressed how well it balanced. You can also detach Henry from his scooter for more play.

      Henry Hugglemonster

               Henry Hugglemonster

I like the fact this cute little chap is wearing a helmet and Arthur was quite taken with it asking: “ Can me have a hat like Henry.” When you press his tummy he has some set phrases, including his trademark: ‘ Roarsome’ which Arthur found hilarious and after scooting him around for a while, spend ages just sitting down pressing his tummy!

All in all, he’s really well made, robust and a great toy for boys and girls and at £14.99 it’s not a crazy price for a good toy.

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New Disney range from Munchkin

This week we’ve been trying out the new Disney range of plates, cups and cutlery from Munchkin. I’ve used Munchkin stuff before and always been impressed with the design, and practicality – the cliplock bottle remains my favourite and believe me we’ve tried, lost and broken most of the makes on the market.

The new Disney range has several themes and Arthur was very excited when his new Winnie the Pooh bowl, plate and bottle arrived. Firstly it’s just good quality stuff. Great colours which are BPA free and seem to last really well with a good level of toddler-proofing!

We both loved it and I was particularly taken with the cute cutlery – the little rounded fork is so easy to use for little hands and I think a little less daunting than being faced with a normal fork and all it’s forky stabby bits!

Winnie-themed lunchtime with Munchkin

Winnie-themed lunchtime with Munchkin

Arthur liked the fact he could finish his lunch and see Winnie at the bottom of his bowl or plate and this was also a very handy technique for getting him to eat some more. I also like the separate areas on the plate and I used that to talk to Arthur about what he was eating and where we were going to put things. It’s these little things that help make meal times a little easier or a little more interactive and fun.

They washed really well in the dishwasher and like the other Munchkin stuff we have I’m sure they’ll last and last.


Munchkin is available in Tesco, Asda, Wilkinsons, Morrisons, Argos, Amazon, Boots, Mothercare and other good quality retailers. Prices start from £4.50.