Birds Eye’s After School Chefs challenge

Tea time in our house can be a battle ground.

I plan my attack the week before, make sure I have enough ammunition and take to the battlefield fully arms and optimistic that this week there will be clean plates and I will be victorious!

To be fair Arthur is a great eater and eats most things but…and it’s a big but. If he’s tired, in a mood or just feeling mischievous he will refuse to eat, scream for something else or generally make tea time ‘hell hour’.

Lately we’ve been getting slack on tea times, when we eat, how much we eat and letting Arthur rule the roost. I blame warm weather and days out!

So, when I was asked to take part in Birds Eye’s After School Chefs challenge it seemed like a great idea. I could temp Arthur with new stuff and make sure my freezer was always ready for action.

 BEFINISHED1I was so chuffed with what I got for my money. The iconic and rather yummy potato waffles, some lovely salmon fillets with lemon butter, chicken with ham and cheese, and obviously some peas and fish fingers! Plus, more fish fillets, chicken dippers, two kinds of veggie rice and southern fried chicken as well.

I’ve been trying so hard to get tea time back on track with a definite time – rather than some time between lunch and bed! My Birds Eye haul made this so much easier because, on nights I had worked late or we’d been out, I could open the freezer and whip up something yummy in minutes. 


We loved the chicken filled with creamy cheese and ham – served with potato waffles and peas of course!

Arthur quickly fell in love with potato waffles and after the old school tea of fish fingers, waffles and peas he was pleading for more. So I jumped on this and promised him waffles later in the week if he ate all his teas.


Can’t beat fishfingers waffles and peas!

It worked a treat and he was rewarded with poached eggs on waffles – he loved it and I had tea time envy!

A few evenings a week we eat as a couple when Arthur is in bed, because it’s not always practical to eat at 4.30pm. I wasn’t sure Birds Eye would have anything to satisfy me and the big boy but I was wrong.


Late night supper – Birdseye comes up trumps again!

The pollock fillets in chilli and lemongrass were delicious and I served them with the golden mixed veg rice. It cooks in the microwave in four minutes and it’s a really generous portion – what’s not to like! Last night we had salmon fillets, potatoes and frozen peas – I have to mention the peas because they were delicious. I’ve tried loads of brands but the Birds Eye ones were sweet, fresh tasting and definitely worth adding to my shopping list.

My Birds Eye challenge opened my eyes to the products they have to offer while reigniting my childhood love of potato waffles! It also meant I was prepared for all tea time eventualities and gave me a chance to get back on track with timings.

Arthur was powerless in the face of my waffles and I feel like I’ve walked away from this challenge triumphant…and just a little bit in awe of the power of a good fish finger.

* This post is an entry for #Afterschoolchefs Challenge sponsored by Birds Eye. Learn more on the Birds Eye Facebook page.