Poo, fire engines and toddler logic…

A simple post inspired by the exasperating logic of a two year old…

So last week Arthur decided to change his morning routine. He used to patter through to our bedroom at about half six; now he yells at full pelt ‘mummy, I can’t walk,come and get me’.
When asked why he can’t walk: ‘You made my feet too small in your tummy.”

And so the week continued…

“ I is going to France and you is paying for me and my truck.”

Playing his mini guitar while singing:’ up mummy’s bum, up mummy’s bum, stick my fire engine up mummy’s bum.’ There are several versions of this including sticking soldiers and carrots up my bum.

Last night, after a lovely dinner of roast chicken, mash potato and veg, he said: “Can I have poo tomorrow for tea, poo is nicer.”

When trying to explain what the word, thin, meant, he said: “is it like not your legs”. Well yes it is but that’s not the point!

Thanks for making me laugh Arthur- always.