Time for a spring clean

It’s that time of year. I’ve wandered around the house making a mental note of all the jobs that need doing.

I’ve handed the list to Jonathan and assured him I’ll be ‘project managing’ each room! The kitchen is first in line because quite frankly we’ve done nothing since we moved in. There are two large windows but neither has curtains or a blind.

There’s something studenty about windows without curtains or blinds, so along with removing the hideous fan light it’s top of the list. I like the idea of closing the blinds at night and shutting out the world, at the moment it feels a little like I’ve left our home wide open for anyone to peer inside – a little too exposed.

I feel a bit invigorated that we’ve started to get to grips with the kitchen – it will be on a budget but it’s amazing what a few splashes of colour and a fresh coat of paint can make.

VELUX was one of my first stops, they’ve got a fantastic range of blinds and I’m a bit spoilt for choice. I want something bright and colourful but it needs to stand the test of time.I’ve ordered some samples so I can spend ages standing at the window holding up colours while Jonathan quickly loses patience!

I also managed to pick up a new VELUX blind for the loft room – something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. The loft room will eventually be Arthur’s bedroom so, along with the kitchen it’s been bottom of the list. But it was so easy to choose a blind ( I just needed a plain blue one) that I went with it.

Im on a mission and this Spring I’ll be painting walls, putting up blinds and putting those finishing touches to my home that have been in the back burner for too long.