Online bingo and guilty pleasures

Sometimes, when the children are asleep and I’m downstairs on my own…I pick up the laptop and take part in a guilty pleasure.

That’s right, I like to play the odd cheeky little online bingo game!  Nothing mad and always a limit of £2 because there’s really no need to go crazy. For me it’s a bit like a quick trip to the arcades when you were a kid. A bag of 2ps and half an hour to put yourself against the machine.

Now the machine is online and I don’t have that plastic bowl rattling beside me but I still get a thrill. It’s a measured thrill, gambling is not for everyone and it’s certainly something you have to keep in control of. I’ve never won more than a tenner but then I only do it very occasionally and with the smallest of stakes so I’m not expecting miracles!

Last month I made the grand sum of £6 but it was a fun way of doing it! I used to enjoy a trip to the bingo hall with my nan so this is just a chance to do the same but in my pjs and with no filthy looks from the angry pros for talking when they’re speed dabbing!

There are are loads of sites to choose from and they all have their own character and they often have first time deals to bring you in. My advice? Take up the deal, have some fun but keep savvy. It’s still money even though it can feel a little detached online. Oh and always do it in your pjs, everything feels better if you’re not dressed!

We all know who the winners are, but knowing that means I’ll never go crazy and my £2 limit will never waive but it’s a little ‘me time’. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not he only me time I have but it’s a guilty pleasure half an hour that makes me smile.