Mobile phones – when’s the right time?


My son is six, but already he’s always trying to get his little hands on my IPad or my phone.

He’s adept at finding his way around and has no problem finding videos he wants to watch. All this is ok when I’m about and I guess, in a connected world it’s important they can use technology.

But what happens when he wants a phone of his own. A smartphone to take out with him and I’m not there? I’m not even considering it yet but it’s a question there in the back of my mind.

It’s a tough choice – on the one hand a phone gives him access to me or his dad, a safe person if he ever needs someone. But it also gives him access to a whole world over which I have little control. Plus, do you go PAYG, contract, SIM only? It’s a minefield!

A contract means they can always contact you, but they could be running up huge bills without anyone realising until it’s too late. PAYG means no unexpected bills – but will it have credit when he really needs it?

The most cost-effective and sensible option here is go SIM only with a network like iD that provides shockproof bills.  iD will put a £5 cap on excess usage, allowing you to set your child up with a fixed monthly allowance safe in the knowledge that they will never be able to go over that limit by more than a £5. iD have currently have quite a few sim deals to choose from so compare the offers and choose one that fits your child’s likely monthly usage.


There will come a time when he wants and probably needs a phone of his own. I just want to make sure we hit the right balance between giving him the freedom he wants and keeping him safe.


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