A new bedroom and new beginnings

We’ve just become a family of four and while my baby girl is still small, we’ve already been thinking about maximising space. We can’t afford to move so the next best thing was to convert our loft so my son could have his own space with plenty of room to play.

It’s already partly converted so a lot of the heavy building work is complete. We just needEd to change the staircase, put a safety rail up and sort  the abundance of horrendous artex the previous owner thought was a wonderfully timeless style statement.

Once this was all done it was over to me to get involved and make it something special he would really enjoy spending time in.

It already has a window and just needs brightening up with a new blind, VELUX roof window shop has some lovely ones and I know they will fit. We’ll also attempt some funky paintwork and a few bright textiles and I think,it will be a fantastic bedroom for boy number one.

I suspect I might be spending a lot of late nights on Pinterest looking for inspiration! I’ve already been upcycling some furniture and collecting a few bright beanbags and lamps from IKEA – my go to place for affordable style.

Arthur is really excited about being in the loft and has already set-up a chair so he can peer out over the roof tops and watch the world. It means my daughter will have a little room all to herself too so hopefully everyone is happy. For the moment!

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