Valentines’s Day – time spent with the one you love. So this year I spent it with my dad and brother. This might not be the obvious choice but Valentines’s Day is also a chance to acknowledge that loneliness can seep into our world. Slowly, undetected at first, until one day you realise there’s no one to take you out for tea and cake.

So off we went to the Assembly House in Norwich for a rather delicious afternoon tea and a chance to share are similarly ridiculous sense of humour. Laugh at the wonky nose we both inherited and ¬†reage that’s sense of belonging that can so easily be lost.

Here we are laughing at something dad said – he’s hilarious and I never want to forget that. I was pregnant too – not just cake it that tummy!


My dad is not lonely, he has loads going on but it was my opportunity to show my support for the  campaign to end loneliness.A hugely important campaign to raise awareness about the growing problem of loneliness. Particularly among our ageing population.


The world is getting smaller – you can text a thank you, email a quick ‘how are you?’ and generally relieve ourselves of the burden of guilt through social media and the internet. Don’t get me wrong I love both but deep down I know a knock at the door and a quick hug would imprint itself for far longer and have so much more worth.

We had fabulous cakes, delicious scones and moments together that no email can ever replicate.

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