I had another baby!

When I turned 40, I’m pretty sure it was just my body that got the memo. The ‘me’ inside, seemed content to live out the illusion of still being, shall we say, early 30s.

I still gasp in astoundment when the woman I presume to be the same age as me reveals she has no idea of anything pre-1990. Incidentally, when did the 90s become retro?

This was illustrated perfectly last week while explaining to a  20-something the 1980s entertainment sensation, The Crankies. “Yes, so they were husband and wife and she dressed up as a young Boy Scout and….well yes that was about it really.” We both shifted awkwardly. Enough said.

On a serious note, I didn’t think that much about my fertility declining with my advancing years. I was lucky and here she is:


I’ve not been blogging much lately, because, obviously, being so old with two children, I’m knackered. But I’m back and looking forward to adventures with two.

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