medication online – hassle-free or a step too far.

I’m currently suffering from a cold. Nothing too terrible but I’m tired, grumpy and want it over and done with quick smart.

I can’t be bothered to head out to the shops and even the thought of a supermarket fills me with dread, so I’ve ordered some vitamin c and echinacea from an online pharmacy.

I never realised you could actually get so much from an online pharmacy but while I was nosing around the site it was clear they had everything covered! I’m not sure how it works with prescriptions, I’m sure there must be checks in place but it’s nice to know there are alternatives.

I had a good look round The Independent Pharmacy and they had everything covered Рincluding stuff to treat nits! Always good to stock up when you have small people in the house!

I guess if you’ve been taking a medication for long enough and know it works for you then it takes the hassle out of trying to get a doctor’s appointment. I’m not sure we should be self medicating though – I still need to do a lot of research around how the whole process works.

But just maybe, if you make an informed choice and order from an online pharmacy it could be a great way of saving time and getting what you need.


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