Engagement rings – it’s not all about the wedding!

I’m not sure if I want to get married. It’s not that I don’t love him in doors. I do, I just can’t think of anything I do rather do less than organise a wedding! But that’s not to say I don’t want to get engaged. I know, I know, that’s ridiculous but the truth is I just love a beautiful ring!

Something deliciously sparkly on my finger…the idea makes me smile. I’m fully aware getting engaged should lead to getting married but perhaps I could just have a really, really long engagement and just have a ring?

I often wander past a jewellery shop and stop for a few minutes deciding which one I’d like. It would be rose gold and antique, something which would invite comments such as’ that’s so unusual, where did you get it?’. Buying beautiful antique rings is recycling too, right? So not only would I get something beautiful but I’d be saving the planet too.

Ok so that may be stretching it a little but the idea of wearing something with a past, with its very own love story attached is appealing. Was it bought after months of saving by a young man hopelessly in love with a girl. Was is passed down from mother to daughter in a moment of love – a chance to see her life and her loves live on.

I’m a romantic at heart and antique jewellery, for me, is the ultimate in romanticism. Breathing life into something which possibly meant so much and now sits alone in a shop.

I may not want a white wedding but I might be dropping some not so subtle hints about that beautiful rose gold treasure that winked at me as I walked past last week.

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