Brexit – what small businesses really think


The media told us Brexit would be the end for small U.K businesses and whipped up a storm of discontent – many small businesses owners take a wholly different view.

My partner runs a small family music business along with his dad and while Brexit has left questions unanswered – there is far less doom and gloom than we had feared. Suppliers and contacts all seem to be looking positively towards 2017. The manufactuers we use in China show no signs of fear when dealing with us, although it is early days.

Brexit was a shock but it happened. I think small businesses are making the most of it.

In fact, in the face of a nation awaiting the triggering of Article 50 (the formal legal process of Britain leaving the EU), 43% of small business owners do not believe that their businesses will be affected by Brexit in the next 12 months, whilst nearly half (48%) of respondents stated that they were expecting no impact on their businesses over the next five

Maybe it will force us to look closer to home for suppliers and keep industry within the U.K. There’s a big expense attached to this however, or maybe we’ll just have to batton down the hatches until the rest of the world has gotten over the shock. So far our orders have remained steady going into early 2017 and we have not had any direct feedback concerning Brexit.

Trading with Europe will be renegotiated and common sense tells us the world will still want to deal with us. For us, it’s about concentrating on quality, building great relationships with customers and understanding that Brexit may be a bump in the road, but it’s not the car crash we were led to believe.

Boost Capital interviewed 500 UK small businesses in association with OnePoll and revealed that 90% of respondents stated that they didn’t regret their vote in the Brexit referend

Here are some more key facts from Boost Capital’s Brexit Survey:

● 43% of respondents voted to stay as part of the EU.

● 58% are not taking any precautions to protect their businesses against Brexit.

● 72% are not expecting to expand their workforces in next 12 months.

● 45.8% believe that foreign workers should be allowed but with restrictions.

● Those living in the North East have the most certainty that their businesses will be

affected within the next 12 months as a result (47.7%).

Saving with Groupon this Christmas and beyond


This is a sponsored post and all views are my own.

Everyone loves a bargain don’t they? Especially this time of year when money can be tight and there’s a never ending list of things to buy.

That’s why I love Groupon coupons – from days out to bargain food hampers you can find something for everyone. Plus a few treats along the way like a cheeky little getaway in January or a well-earned spa day.

I love eating out and always check Groupon before deciding where we we’ll go to,eat. I’ve saved loads along the way and we’ve had some great family meals. I also treated my mum to a manicure and pedicure for Mother’s day this year and saved  more than £50 at a really lovely salon. It’s the range of offers I love, along side your pamper treats you can bag yourself a bargain car service too!

Some of my favourite bargains I’ve found this year have been Clinique makeup which means I can treat myself to a few Christmas presents too! its not only Christmas shopping but also those year round offers which can save you pounds. If you love sending flowers then the From You Flowers offer is one to take a look at.

Whether it’s a Christmas hamper, a post- Christmas getaway or a few treats for those you love, Groupon Coupons is a great place to start. Happy shopping!

Portable North Pole – making a magical Christmas

imageI love Christmas and as soon as I had children I became even more of a Christmas crazy! It’s all about the magical moments, the times you look into their eyes and know they truly believe. I know it won’t last forever so I’m making the most of it.

This year I’ve used the Portable North Pole (PNP) website to create some magical moments for my five year old. It’s so easy to use, you can create a fantastic video customised for your child in a few minutes. You  just need a photo, a few details and the website does the rest.

I created two videos, one to show Arthur now and one for Christmas Eve. The quality is fantastic with Santa’s workshop, elves, snow covered chalets and a sense that Christmas really is something magical.


Santa talks directly to your child, sharing details, telling them whether they’ve made it on the good list and interacting with them to create something truly special. Arthur was mesmerised and you can now use the reaction recorder to capture those moments for ever. If he ever had any doubts about the big man, this video hepled him believe for just a little longer.

There are also Santa calls so your little ones can speak directly to th big man in the lead up to Christmas – a great one to have in the back pocket if their behaviour is less than angelic!. I made sure Santa asked Arthur to make sure he listened to his mummy and daddy, he he!


There are so many options from the personalised calls to a new video each week throughout December. You can also get a Santa-approved certificate for each of your videos. It’s great value and you can use it as much or as little as you like throughout December.

It’s definitely become part of our Christmas tradition and I can’t wait to show Arthur his Christmas Eve video while snuggled up on the sofa drinking hot chocolate.

Christmas family bingo!

The Christmas countdown has begun. It is the most joyful and also the most stressful time of the year. Families UK-wide will be preparing turkey, singing carols and wearing paper hats. As well as the traditional board games why not play a game of bingo. Below is a bingo card, you can download and play with friends and family all day. It shows all the typical things we see in a British Christmas from Eastenders to bad cracker prizes. The first to cross off a full line wins! You can play again and again.