dangerous roads

When I thought about writing a post on dangerous drives- one journey was front of mind immediately.

Six years ago, no children, just me and the big boy off for a romantic break to the Lake District. It was beautiful and we were having a lovely time until he decided to take me along Knotts Pass. Now, don’t get me wrong, I gathered there would be hills and winding roads and all sort of mountainous shenanigans. But nothing prepared me and it was half way across that I realised – yes I am bloody scared of heights.

The one thing I was glad we did was get the car serviced before we went and that I double- checked my car insurance!   ”When you’re halfway up a mountain pass you know you need insurance that will get you down in one piece and sometimes the cheapest car insurance are just as dependable as the more expensive – what matters is that it will get you down in one piece So it’s always worth shopping around.

dangerous drives infographic

i was petrified we’d start going backwards and by the time we were over the top  I was an attractive shade of red through hyperventilating! The part that really did it for me was when another car came towards us! it was like a scene from Robot Wars as we tried to move round each other while desperately keeping all four tyres on the road.

I’ve driven through the Alps and across many sheer drops in Southern France but Knotts Pass is still my number one dangerous drive. That fear of falling backwards will the car struggles forward is clearly my Achilles Heel and not one I want to repeat again soon! Still, six years and two children later we’re still together. Maybe we’ll visit the Lake District again as a family next time -’I'll just make sure I have a map and a good detour planned should the idea of Knotts Pass come up again!