New babies and fitting everyone in!

I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant and having  slight hormonal breakdown about where on earth I’m going to fit a new born baby! Realistically I know they don’t take up much space, in fact they are pretty portable for those first few months.

They do, however, require more space as these little creatures begin to move about and, quite selfishly, outgrow things like Moses baskets and require real actual rooms and beds! This is why we’ve decided to create a new bedroom in our loft.

It’s already partly converted so a lot of the heavy building work is complete. We just need to change the staircase, put a safety rail up and sort  the abundance of horrendous artex the previous owner thought was a wonderfully timeless style statement.

It already has a window and just needs brightening up with a new blind, VELUX has some lovely ones and I know they will fit. We’ll also attempt some funky paintwork and a few bright textiles and I think,it will be a fantastic bedroom for boy number one.image

I suspect I might be spending a lot of late night feeds on Pinterest looking for inspiration! Arthur is really excited about the possibility of being in the loft and it means baby will have a little room all to themselves when the time comes.

So, panic over for now…just have to organise it, pay for it and actually have this baby! Wish me luck.

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