A hamper for mum

A few weeks ago I was asked to review a lovely Mother’s Day hamper.

Fast forward a few weeks and the reason the review is so late is because, I found out I was pregnant! What followed was a whole load of sickness, days ending at 6pm when I could no longer stay awake and more than enough visits to the hospital. But all is well, baby #2 is doing well and I’ve finally got round to using some lovely  products.

i particularly loved the Lavender bath and shower gel, beautiful scented with natural oils, no parabens and foamed up a treat?

The chocolate one was rather delicious too, although Arthur seemed to nab that one off me – he loved the idea of being washed in chocolate. I was quite happy for him to use it as it was full of natural stuff and  had no nasty chemicals or additives.

The other thing I find difficult during pregnancy is cutting down on my heavy caffeine habit – I’m a 5 cups a day girl normally. So the Relaxing tea from Yogi, which came in the hamper, was a welcome change from the tasteless de-caff options. Full of camomile, it tasted natural and really helped my relax.

Finally there was a lovely vitamin A cream – I’ve not used it yet as I’m pretty sure you have to go easy on vict A during pregnancy but Jonathan has been smothering it on after a shower and said his skin feels soft.

It was a lovely treat packed with natural goodness and while I didn’t get to use it on Mother’s Day, I was so pleased to be able to indulge once I’d got through those horrendous few weeks. Everyone deserves a Mother’s Day hamper – whatever the time of year.

Easter films to snuggle up for

It’s the Easter Bank holiday and with that comes four glorious days stretching out before me. My personal favourite moment is Sunday evening when I sit snuggled on the sofa knowing I won’t be a slave to the alarm and there’s no work on Monday morning – bliss.

After the obligatory Easter egg hunt and some roast lamb, Easter Sunday will be all about eating far too much chocolate and watching some of our favourite family films. There’s nothing like watching on a big screen with great sound, something like a Panasonic Viera – like a mini cinema at home.

So let me share some of the films we love to watch – there’s definitely a theme! We love an animal film and what better time to enjoy them than during the season of bunnies, chicks and lambs!

Arthur absolutely loves Happy Feet – ok so it’s not a bunny or a lamb but it’s a bird and I’m sure the babies are still called chicks! It’s one of the first films he sat all the way through and it helps that I love it to. The animation is wonderful and who doesn’t love a singing penguin. The message is one of overcoming adversity and being loved for who you are and I for one will be looking forward to a couple of hours losing myself in a chocolate egg and some dancing penguins.

Next up it has to be a comedy favourite Free Birds – an American animation about two turkeys coming together to help save their flock from becoming Thanksgiving dinner. I think it’s hilarious and full of enough ‘in’ jokes to keep adults amused. These flightless wonders change the course of history and get turkey off the menu for good. Arthur thinks it’s funny too – it’s not just me!

Finally, and probably running into Easter Monday, it’s time for a classic. Now I’ve not introduced Arthur to this yet but as a child I remember watching this over and over with my mum will sharing a bag of mini eggs. It’s Watership Down, I know it’s not the most Easter-friendly film, what with the Easter bunnies coming off worse. But I love it. Their adventure to find a new home and all the challenges along the way. Oh and the music – it makes me cry every time.

I checked the weather forecast today and it looks like rain over the Bank holiday so my cosy sofa and some films sounds like the perfect way to spend Easter with my boy – as long as there’s plenty of chocolate in stock too!