Keeping your property safe

It struck me over the festive period. I’d filled my home with expensive gifts, delicious food and plenty of lights…

ThenI went out to work, or the park and it would most likely be dark when I came home. Just how easy would it be for some burglars to decide now was a brilliant time to help theselves to all my hard earned stuff. They can almost guarantee there will be easy pickings – many nearly wrapped for ease of removal!

We do everything we can to keep our home safe. We’ve got locks on the windows and, apart from the odd senior moment, our doors are always locked when we’re out. But it doesn’t stop that niggling feeling that someone could be helping themselves to our things. Since having children I’ve become more aware of the need to stay safe. How scary for a four-year-old to think monsters exist and they e been in your home.

I’ve been looking at house alarms and how we can get something in place that won’t cost a fortune but will give us extra peace of mind. It’s definitely something for 2016.

In the meantime here are a few hints and tips on how to keep your property safe. I know most of us know these but there’s no harm in a little reminder:

  1. If you have a gate, keep it closed and in good repair. It’s the first thing any would-be burglar will spot, and they will judge how secure the rest of your house is from this first impression. If you don’t have a gate, maybe you could consider getting one installed?
  2. Get decent locks on your front and back doors – and more than one on each door if possible. If a burglar thinks the front of your house looks vulnerable, they’ll almost certainly find that the back is, too.
  3. Don’t leave ground-floor windows or doors open in the house – even if you’re in (and especially if you’re in your yard or garden). Sneak thieves will look for these kinds of opportunities and can be in and out in just a few seconds.
  4. If you have a dog, think hard about whether to put up a ‘beware of the dog’ sign (or if you have a cat, an ‘I love cats’ notice). It could actually indicate that you don’t have an alarm, or worse, that you leave your back door open for your pet. It’s worth noting that Kings’ alarms can be fitted with pet sensors, if required.
  5. Don’t leave your keys near the front door (on a hall table or another obvious place in your home) – especially at night. Burglars look for keys above big, bulky items, since they can take them away easily for a return visit in the near future!
  6. Store cash and jewellery carefully, avoiding obvious places like bedside tables. This is the first place that a burglar will look.
  7. To avoid false alarms, keep your alarm sensors free from dust, cobwebs and spiders!
  8. Consider having a second (false) alarm box on the back of your house, so that it looks as secure from the rear as it does from the front.

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