Keeping your home safe

It’s fundamentally all any of us want. To keep our home and the ones we love safe. What’s the point of a beautiful home if you don’t feel safe there?

I know I spend a lot of time worrying before I go away. Did I lock the Windows? Are the lights off? Are my valuables tucked away safely. While we can’t stop everything from happening – we can be as prepared as possible.

With new technology come new ways of doing this. Now it’s not about waiting for something to happen but about making sure nothing ever does. Take a look at this short film from Panasonic on their new home outdoor cameras. Not only does it keep a reassuring eye on your home but it also send alerts straight to your smart phone or tablet if it senses something is happening.

With one simple device you can take away the worry of ‘what ifs’. It’s all about giving you a sense of freedom and this new technology gives you just that.

From window sensors to smart apps that allow you to control your lighting remotely. Today, we can be safer and more prepared than ever. It can’t stop people doing bad things.But it can help mitigate these things and give you back control over your home and the things you love.

I love the idea that, no matter where I am, I can keep an eye on my home. Whether it’s something I’ve forgotten to do – most likely turning off the lights! Or stopping others helping themselves to my things – this new technology has it covered.


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