Taking it all online

Sometimes all I want is to sit online and shop! There, I admit it. Amazon, Asos, evening the weekly shop. It’s all at my finger tips.

Well, nearly all. I just wish it was as easy to buy things like medicines, vitamins and all that type of thing. There is a reluctance to sell medicines direct to customers online and that’s absolutely as it should be.

Doctors are there for a reason! But there is also an element of common sense and I’ve just discovered the world of online prescriptions. I would never try to treat a new ailment or get diagnosed online. But I would try it out for things I use all the time, like creams for dry skins. Maybe medicated shampoos and even some anti biopics.

I’m not recommending it to everyone but in a fast-paced world where time is a valuable resource, having the freedom to buy a Few bits and bobs from somewhere like you drugstore, while watching Eastenders is a good thing.

It will never and should never replace doctors but, as with so much is life, it’s about taking a common sense approach and using your savvy to make the most of your time and your health.

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