Make it a Christmas cracker!

Someone put a post on Facebook a few days ago: ’100 days until Christmas’.

And so it begins, my journey, in equal measures of fear and excitement, towards 25 December. I love it, absolutely love Christmas but it’s a bit of an abusive relationship if I’m honest! I keep coming back every year, full of hope and renewed enthusiasm. But each time I still get caught out.

Is my freezer groaning loud enough under the weight of unnecessary food? Do I have enough stocking fillers to be lost or ignored by Boxing Day? Is my house adorned with enough ‘frippery’ after all, I’d hate anyone to pop in and not realise there’s the small matter of Christmas to be getting on with.

I’m making a list…im checking it twice. But still I know I’ll miss something. It’s usually something like Christmas crackers. I spend ages looking for the best ones. Something beautiful but also not disappointing.

All the big retailers do their own brands and premium brand crackers so it can be a bit of a mission finding best ones. To be fair, all you really need is a good ‘bang’ a sturdy hat and a lame joke. The rest is a pointless quest for the perfect cracker gift – you’ll never find it so give up now!

One year I did attempt to make my own. I’ve since promised this will never be repeated. I’ve seen some amazing homemade ones and if you’re that way inclined then there’s nothing nicer than creating a theme and filling with your own gifts. Mine looked like freak refugee toilet roll middles following an explosion at the toilet roll factory.

Along with Christmas pud, festive jumpers and simmering resentment, Christmas crackers asre essential – how on earth could you enjoy Turkey without them?!

I’d love to hear your top tips for a stress-free Christmas. Leave me a comment and let me know how you make your Christmas go with a bang.

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