CBeebies Furchester Hotel magazine


Furchester Hotel Magazine.

Googly eyes, framed faces and lots and lots of games!
Arthur and I had a lovely rainy afternoon reading through the stories in the Furchester Hotel magazine from CBeebies.

Aimed at 3-6 year olds, it’s bright and colourful it had a lovely mix of educational and fun stuff. Arthur loved creating portraits and he thought the stories set in the hotel were funny! I particularly liked the one about making toast as Arthur is currently obsessed with ‘cooking bread’.

He also put his cutting skills to the test and made the mask at the back of the magazine and it’s now sitting pride of place on his bedroom shelf. It had a good mix of early curriculum stuff hidden in the games and stories, a little maths, lots of wrds and reading and some puzzles too – all ackaged in the perfect way for a four-year-old.

All in all a lovely little magazine which filled a couple of hours, lots to do, some nice games and I thought the free gift was a really nice one. Not a piece of plastic tat but something children could actually do.

We’re looking forward to next month’s!

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