BeWILDerwood – a magical adventure

We’ve had another glorious day at BeWILDerwood, nestled in the Norfolk countryside.

I’m always harping on about it but I just can’t recommend it enough! It’s a glorious,magical playground of adventure all set against the back drop of the BeWILDerwood books by Tom Blofeld.

We arrived and hopped straight on the boat where one of the fantastic staff takes you on a little journey and you first hear about Swampy, the Boggles, Twiggles and get to meet Mildred the friendly Crocclebog.

Then it’s off into the world of tiny tree houses and boggle villages. I love the attention to detail with miniature brooms outside the tiny homes, washing lines hanging between the trees and a sense that the magical moments of childhood are really here to discover.

Arthur just loves the climbing and exploring through the Tricky Tunnels and the wonderful Sky Maze. So brilliantly made amoung the trees.

We also love the stories where staff tell the stories of all the BeWILDerwood characters and the children can join in mixing marsh mallows and dressing up in costumes. It holds their attention and I love the fact it is innocent and doesn’t rely on fast rides, computers or anything other than play, trees, and an ample sprinkling of magic!

Magical Twiggle houses

Magical Twiggle houses

There’s a great toddler area too for the real little ones and I know a fair few adults enjoy the huge slides – me included until a rather nasty bottom injury called time on that! My fault, not BeWILDerwood’s I might add.

It was quiet when we went this time as it was out of the holidays and we got to meander around and really take it all in. I was impressed they were offering free face paints – something many other places charge extra for.

It always has been one of my favourite days out because the children just love it! Oh and there are always loads of places to take a rest too! Lovely clean loos and even a nursing room for breast feeding mums. I would recommend a picnic and there’s plenty of space and you are quite limited with what to buy once you get there.

BeWILDerwood we love you and long may this rather magical love affair last!

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