Slimming World update

Shirley, a long term SW member (I’ve changed her name to maintain comedic values) has continued to gain weight for the last three weeks, just a half here and a pound there but each time she comes back, like a embattled boxer facing retirement but refusing to give in.

Her gain this week produced my favourite ever line from our esteemed leader Jean: ” The scales may be going up but you’re still loosing Shirely. You’ve got a more fitted top on this week and I can see your shape.” Yes it’s more fitted because she’s putting the lard back on!

But mine is not to wonder why, I’ve not spent weeks training at SW headquarters among the elite of the slimming fraternity, so what do I know.
But Shirley, I’m going to be honest, if only behind the fortress of my blog. You’re eating too much and you’re NOT still loosing and if you continue to believe that, you’ll be paying a whole lotta money to chase that dream.

Back to me, this week was a rather pathetic half off. Jean seemed pleased, just enough to keep me but not enough to make me cocky. While she talked I pondered why I hold my stomach in when I step on the scales, I guess at the very least it might dispel any excess air in my lungs.

Syed, the now lithe and motorcycle riding, ‘at target’ Frenchman, was not there this week. I hope he gets complacent and returns in his Renault Clio unable to stradle his bike and desperate to join us again.

So onwards and upwards this week, it’s Bank Holiday so it’s a tough one. I’ll be buying a couple of fitted tops and having a hormonal week.

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