My favourite Christmas things

A few of my favourite Christmas things

1.My mum. Plain and simple this woman cooks up a storm. Not only was there full on Turkey deliciousness but dark chocolate infused Christmas pudding, Merry Berry’s White choc and ginger cheesecake. Love her.

2.Boxing Day morning, still a generous sprinkling of Magic but it’s shed the manic blur of wrapping paper. It’s the more thoughtful sibling, allowing play and contemplation and, perhaps most importantly, Christmas dinner tastes better the next day!

3.Undercover chocolate annihilation. This may just be me, but refers to the overwhelming urge to steal chocolates from all available pots, boxes and trays. The real key is to achieve this state of chocolatelyness when no one else sees. Melting a whole Lindor ball in your mouth with no one suspecting a thing is not to be underestimated.

4.The freedom a little light bad parenting brings. Want chocolate for breakfast? No problem, it’s Christmas. More tV? Of course please pick from the 6000 films I’ve recorded for you. In fact I’m writing this while Arthur watches Horrid a Henry again.

4.The anticipation of the new slim fit me that will begin to emerge from mid January. It’s something I hold dear every year.

Happy New Year to all, may your knees last you a lifetime and your resolutions at least past lunchtime.

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