Pop Goes Your Name CD review

Arthur loves music – in fact one f his favourite pastimes is to spend hours breakdancing!

So when we were asked to review a personalised CD from Pop Goes Your Name, it seemed like a great idea. The CD, it comes with twelve songs, all personalised with your child’s name.

There are 800 names to choose from so it’s really flexible and I was pleasantly surprised with how good it sounded. You have to confirm pronunciation as well so you’re happy with how your child’s name will sound. Obviously the names are just dropped into the song but it flows really well and Arthur so was chuffed.

“Mummy,are they all singing about me?”

Let’s face it, most pre-schoolers are the centre of their own world, so to have a whole twelve songs dedicated to him was a win/win situation! He loves the Rockstar song and the blues-inspired song about being hungry. I’ve got a soft spot for The Wiggle song – purely because he looks so cute when he dances to it! He’s already requested the Happy Birthday song for his party in March. The songs are very catchy and I can often be found wandering around the house singing “Arthur.. this is your special day…let’s celebrate.”

On the first day we had it, we took it on a long journey and Arthur insisted on playing it over and over again and when we get home from nursery he goes to the shelf and gets it himself. It’s become a bit of a night time ritual to have the Wiggle song before bed!

The CD looks great and all the songs are nice and short so perfect for little attention spans. At £12.95 I think it’s a really affordable way to give your child a personal present.

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