Enhance your space this Christmas

It’s official. The 1st of December and I’ve decided to have a declutter.I still absolutely believe that when I go to sleep Arthur’s toys multiply, like some subversive force of nature I wake to find piles more crowding my sitting room!


Well no more. In anticipation of the Christmas toy overload I’m taking a firm hand to my house and getting organised. Firstly I’ve taken everything out from behind the sofa where it lives in higgledy piggleydy boxes and organised them into toys he no longer plays with, toys he loves and toys I have no idea where they came from. I’m being tough – I’m not asking him because this will lead to a meltdown. I’ve managed to see some of them on Gumtree so making a few pennies for Christmas too – one man’s junk is another man’s treasure and there’s usually someone looking for what you’re selling so definitely worth a try – and it’s free.

It’s good for the soul to have a clear out. If my house feels organised then my head somehow follows and in turn I’m just a bit nicer all round – especially this time of year when space is of a premium. I want to get to Christmas with a house that feels ready, no one groaning at the seams in anticipation of yet more ‘stuff’.

I’ve spied some fantastic children’s toy boxes and storage in trusty Ikea so I’m going to make a brave pre-Christmas trip there next week. I like the stacking boxes and it means the evening tidy is so much quicker.


Next on my list is a trip to B&Q for a new bathroom cabinet because, along with Arthur’s toys multiplying, it seems my bottles and jars of dubiously potent beauty products have also been doing the same! I’ve been trying to cram them into one wicker basket but I need something with a lid. In fact that’s my ultimate top tip – storage with lids! Out of sight out of mind is so true when it comes to decluttering.

We have a massive loft which has been converted but it’s still a dumping ground and because it feels so far away I never really go up there. Yesterday, as part of my epic declutter, I braved the stairs and wow – we certainly know how to hoard! Now if I had storage options from somewhere like http://www.warehousestoragesolutions.com It would have saved me loads of time and meant I could shift all the clutter into their storage until I needed it – if ever! Then I have the whole loft to  store all the camping gear, climbing gear (other half’s) and generally remind myself what the carpet looks like while keeping everything neat and tidy. It would be perfect for the big bulky items we have up there.

 I’m on a roll and by 15 December when my decks go up I’ll have a decluttered haven – that is unless Arthur discovered the toys are missing then it could be a very different story!

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