Apple and blackberry scone cake

I’ve just made the most delicious apple and blackberry scone cake. I’m very excited as not only was it easy but it is absolutely blooming delish!

I can’t take the credit for the recipe unfortunately – it comes courtesy of Prima’s recipe booklet from September. But clearly I sprinkled a little of my own magic in there too.


300g self raising flour sieved
150g butter ( I used stork and it worked a treat)
50g light brown granulated sugar
2 beaten eggs
4fl oz milk
1 apple thinly sliced
Zest of an orange.
Blackberries – sorry can’t remember the amount but a good handful, think it was about 300g and some for the top.

Mix flour and fat until it resembles rough breadcrumbs. Add sugar, beaten eggs, zest and milk and gentle stir until just mixed. I used a metal spoon as I think it helps.

Put half in a greased cake tin then sprinkle most of the blackberries on top. Add the rest of the cake mixture on top. Then arrange the sliced apple annd the rest of the blackberries.

Bake at 180 ¬†for about 50 mins but I did keep an eye for the last ten minutes. Should be golden round the edges, well risen but may still have a bit of softness because of the fruit. Sprinkle with extra sugar if you want, I didn’t and didn’t really miss it.

Leave to cool then chow down! Rather gorgeous with a blob of creme fraich. Yum tiddly yum yum!

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