Reeva Steenkamp

How dare she go to the toilet at night.  Some might say she’s asked for it.

To nip out in the dead of night – surely one of the main risks would be being brutally shot four times through a locked door. Surely one of the obvious outcomes is death.

#hernameisreevasteenkamp has been trending on Twitter because, collectively, the above is not a truth we want to bear. Yet, amidst the media frenzy of a case driven by publicity and fame the undertone is, quietly, just this.

Pistorius has not been subjected to the full force of his actions – simply replacing guilt with a sense of entitlement and this is what has turned my stomach. For God’s sake, who in their right minds ploughs four bullets through a locked door without shouting out first? But she wasn’t where she was supposed to be.

And yet, this action seems to have been accepted, maybe not as reasonable, as he has been found guilty of culpable homicide, but as somehow understandable.  A distasteful sense of pity for this man, rich with power and money, and a manipulation of Reeva’s actions into something somehow ‘wrong’.

Simon Jenkins wrote in The Guardian this week that Pistorius’ life had been ruined and, in a wider context, to look at prison and reform. He referred to Reeva, not once, by name, simply ‘girlfriend’. Preferring to focus on the impact this will have on him and countless other men’s lives.

Each week two women die in the UK as a result of domestic violence.

I suspect after his short and expertly planned prison stay, Pistorius will write a book and become an after dinner speaker – maybe he’ll even return to the track. Let’s not pretend he’ll be treated the same as other prisoners.

Reform can only happen when the true extent of your actions are faced, head on in all their bloody brutal truth. Without reform we are left with punishment and why on earth should he escape that.


Win a magical BeWILDerwood book bundle

As the nights draw in there’s nothing quite like curling up with your little people and losing yourselves in a magical world of make believe.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Bewilderwood. How the place just makes me feel happy and every time we’ve been Arthur has had an amazing time. The place is filled with wonder and adventure and this is no coincidence. Born out of the books by Tom Blofeld, Bewilderwood is more than a place of fun and adventure. It’s a magical haven of Boggles and Twiggles and more adventure than you can shake a den-making stick at.

bookbewilder1  bookbewilder2  bookbewilder3

You could spend winter afternoons and rainy Sunday’s reading all about Boggles and Twiggles with this fantastic book bundle. With beautiful illustrations and stories to capture your heart – I’m willing to bet they will become a family favourite.

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What’s happening at Bewilderwood this Halloween half term lantern-parade-slide1

The Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade
Thursday 23rd October – Sunday 2nd November
October half term is one of the most exciting times of the year at
BeWILDerwood, a truly visual and sensory celebration of the beauty and
mystery of the BeWILDerwood story. A full day experience the whole
family can enjoy, The Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade is even bigger
and even better this year.
Enjoy daily performances of the BeWILDerbats story, stay snug and warm
by the fires and spend quality time creating luminous lanterns in the
‘Big Hat’. As dusk settles over the wood prepare to experience the park in a
spectacular new light. Join together at the bonfire and begin the
Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade, weaving majestically through the
light and laser-lit woodland, dropping in to sneak a peek at familiar
BeWILDerwood characters in their storybook setting.
Don’t forget to visit the fantastic new Sky Maze set high in the
treetop canopy. Stretching nearly half a kilometre and reaching over 8
metres in height, the newest addition to the park takes adventure and
playtime to magnificent new heights. Visit us for October half term
and spend endless hours with family and friends, climbing and sliding,
exploring and building, in a world with more than a little sprinkling
of magic.
For further information, opening times and prices visit


Apple and blackberry scone cake

I’ve just made the most delicious apple and blackberry scone cake. I’m very excited as not only was it easy but it is absolutely blooming delish!

I can’t take the credit for the recipe unfortunately – it comes courtesy of Prima’s recipe booklet from September. But clearly I sprinkled a little of my own magic in there too.


300g self raising flour sieved
150g butter ( I used stork and it worked a treat)
50g light brown granulated sugar
2 beaten eggs
4fl oz milk
1 apple thinly sliced
Zest of an orange.
Blackberries – sorry can’t remember the amount but a good handful, think it was about 300g and some for the top.

Mix flour and fat until it resembles rough breadcrumbs. Add sugar, beaten eggs, zest and milk and gentle stir until just mixed. I used a metal spoon as I think it helps.

Put half in a greased cake tin then sprinkle most of the blackberries on top. Add the rest of the cake mixture on top. Then arrange the sliced apple annd the rest of the blackberries.

Bake at 180  for about 50 mins but I did keep an eye for the last ten minutes. Should be golden round the edges, well risen but may still have a bit of softness because of the fruit. Sprinkle with extra sugar if you want, I didn’t and didn’t really miss it.

Leave to cool then chow down! Rather gorgeous with a blob of creme fraich. Yum tiddly yum yum!

BelVita Breakfast Breakthroughs!

We are not good at mornings in our house. On a work and nursery morning the air is filled with great big buckets of panic as I run round like a wild banshee making sure teeth have been cleaned and that I don’t forget my lap top.It goes with out saying that breakfast is always quick and often spilled!

Usually it’s porridge or Shredded Wheat with fruit and yoghurt for Arthur and well, nothing but strong coffee for me. So when we were asked to review the new BelVita Breakfast biscuits and take part in the #Morningwin campaign,it seemed like a great chance to shave a few minutes of mornings and allow me to have breakfast too!

So here’s how BelVita saved breakfast time:

On Monday I didn’t get out of bed until 7.45 – we leave about ten past eight. So breakfast was the rather delicious apricot flavour with a banana for Arthur and a travel cup of molten strong coffee for me.

Tuesday Arthur had porridge and I bunged the chocolate chip flavour in my bag. At 10am my colleague made me a cuppa and I found the little packet of perfectly wrapped heaven in my bag!
They tasted indulgent and naughty but still have whole grains and slow release carbs to keep me going.

Fast forward to Friday and Arthur had a massive paddy before our play date at the park. No time for breakfast for either of us, but while running round like a mad child in the park he managed to polish off a packet of the hazelnut biscuits. To be fair I did as well and I was just sitting on the bench gossiping! PENDAISIES2

My favourite were definitely the apricot ones, they tasted real and had proper apricot bits in. I also love the fact they come in handy three biscuit packets so you don’t over do it and know exactly what you’re having. As, while they are a good slow release biscuit, they are still biscuits so I didn’t want to go crazy!

I also used the choc chip ones as ‘treats for Arthur, he loved them and they were a healthier alternative to a normal biscuit. All in all, great flavours and really helpful when you’re not exactly an early riser!

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Win £100 wedding stationery

wedding-save-the-date-cardsI love a good wedding but to be fair the planning and organising can be a bit of a nightmare. If you’re planning a wedding or know someone who is then I have a lovely little competition for you.

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