Book review: ‘I want to be a Witch’, by Ian Cunliffe.

As the nights start to slowly draw in and the weather turns from mild to crisp my thoughts turn to Halloween. If I’m honest my thoughts turn to chocolate and Downton Abbey but I do leave a little room for magical musings.
I love Halloween and so does Arthur, a chance to dress up, to feel a little spooked and enjoy stories of witches, wizards and magical worlds. When I was asked by Little Tiger Press, to review ‘I want to be a Witch’ it was a great opportunity to start the countdown to October 31st.


The book, by Ian Cunliffe, talls the tale of a little girl who wants to be a witch. But she’s not too keen on all things witchy, namely green hair and hideous cauldron concoctions, so she makes up her own witchy rules.She wants the lovely bits, the star-covered hat, the magic wand and, of course, a flying broomstick.  It’s a lovely book, gentle, funny and easy to read. Arthur loves it and so far we’ve had it four days in a row. It’s a joy to read too as the imagery is so good – I love the cats and the bats.

Often he’s so active it’s hard to pin him down for half an hour unless he’s really tired but his love of books means he’s happy to submit if it’s worth reading. The fact he sat through this book twice in a row is praise indeed. It’s brilliant illustrations means we can create our own magic too – deciding what might be in the cauldron and asking who he would turn into a frog – seems it’s me every time!

It has a lovely rythmn with innocence and great charm. At £6.99 it’s a lovely addition to our book shelves.



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