Shock Doctor’s hinged knee support.

When I was asked to review Shock Doctor’s knee support I knew exactly who would try it out for me. In fact, I had two people in mind.

Arthur’s dad has a dodgy knee after years of skateboarding and now mountain climbing. My lovely dad, on the other hand has just started getting problems and it’s more to do general wear and tear, although he has definite cartridge damage.

When it arrived it was clear this support meant business. With two straps and dual hinged areas it was the superhero of supports we’ve used previously. It offers lateral and medial support which, in layman’s terms, means it supports all around, not just front or sides.

Jonathan who’s tall and slim found the large size a little big but said the support was in exactly the right place and with the straps didn’t slip like other supports.

The material let’s your skin breathe and, while it’s fairly bulky, it keeps your leg cool. It also has antibacterial properties which reduces nasty odours. After two days of wearing it got a definite thumbs up with ‘ the ache definitely easing and it feels safe’. The sharp pain he’d felt when exercising and climbing also reduced and he said it gave him stability.

On to dad, he wore it for longer and walked to work in it. Again he was really impressed with the hold and said it gave him immediate relief from the ache he suffers. The hinges means it moves well with your body. But at times it did feel a bit bulky for walking to work and wearing daily. To be fair, it is designed as a specific exercise support.

Overall, the Shock Doctor support got a very positive response. It offered great support, superior to others they’ve tried and, while it’s not cheap, roughly £50, both chaps said it gave instant relief and worked with them when they were moving and both will be using it again.

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