Pets really do benefit our health in later life

I grew up with pets. Cats, dogs, several rabbits and the odd hamster along the way. They were part of the joy of my childhood and taught me responsibility. I wanted Arthur to have them too and we have two cats who he chases around and strokes enthusiastically.

Their influence on my life means I’m not in the least bit surprised they have such a positive influence for older people living in care.

Sunrise Senior Living is a huge advocate of the positive impacts of animals on cognitive and physical health of their residents. All their homes are pet friendly and have a resident cat or dog. Here are some of the amazing benefits a pet can have in later life:


How lovely that this is being recognised as important in later life. They form part of our lives, often the first thing we have responsibility for, our first friends. It makes sense that this companionship should continue is a positive way. If it improves physical health too then surely this should be something we should be taking seriously. It will impact the cost of healthcare, mental healthcare and allow people to live a life filled with a sense of purpose and companionship.

Great stuff Sunrise and I hope, if I find myself in residential care in later life, that pets form an integral part of the care plan on offer.


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