Playing my poker face

Poker – the game of intrigue, and the stone-faced bluff.
It’s always fascinated me and one of my girl crushes is Victoria Coren – She made history by becoming the first two-time winner of one of poker’s most prestigious tournaments the European Poker Tour.

I love the idea of a game based on wit, intellect and a whole load of balls, metaphorically speaking of course. It’s often viewed as a man’s game – set in dark, smoke-filled bars and spilling from day to night.

But it really can be for anyone, Victoria is testament to that.
After her epic win she said: “It’s an incredibly inclusive game, for men and women, for old or young. I’ve played with the blind and people in wheelchairs, we can all do it. I want women to feel encouraged and not be put off but the bigger thing is everyone should feel very welcome.”

If you want a little inspiration, or just want to see some edge of the seat poker playing take a look at the 2014 Canada Cup final live coverage below. This film captures the best of a poker game which saw the eventual winner come back from behind and walk away with hundreds if thousands of pounds. I just love the face the game is not limited by strength or physical fitness. It’s all about mental agility.

The final hand of this tournament is likely to be one that will be talked about for years. Play was four-handed and eventual winner, Notkin had the chip lead, but after a four-way all-in, he knocked out the three other players and ended the tournament in a single blow.

Notkin, a satellite qualifier, earned $366,660 for the win – not bad for a card game!

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