BelVita Breakfast biscuits – all taste no guilt!

We love a biscuit in this house so when we were asked to try out the BelVita Breakfast range of biscuits it seemed like the perfect excuse.


We had the fruit and fibre, chocolate with creamy yogurt centre and cereal and milk flavours. They all come in little packets so you can simply bung them in your bag if you’re in a rush and breakfast is sorted. Breakfast is always a bit of a muddled affair in house – big man rarely eats it, little boy changes like the wind and can the throw the mother of all tantrums if you give him toast when he wanted shreddies! I love breakfast – when I get the chance but Monday to Friday is usually a coffee and maybe a slice of toast if I’m lucky.

But these biscuits were great for us: They worked for him indoors because he didn’t have to think about them, could take them with him and they tasted great. Arthur just loved them – purely for the fact they were called biscuits. I loved them because they tasted great – had lots of good stuff in and, because they are individually packaged you don’t find yourself going back for another one – well not very often.

Arthur loved the chocolate with yoghurt filling. They were lovely and the yoghurt gave the biscuit a lovely zing when you ate it. But my favourite was by far the fruit and fibre. Delicious, sweet and fruity with substance as well. They had echoes of fig rolls – only with added lovely stuff. They all contain at least five wholegrains, are rich in cereals, are a source of fibre and contain a selection of vitamins as well.

Oh and my new BeVita inspired favourite line: ” If you are a good boy and get dressed you can have biscuits for breakfast.” Works a treat!

I also found I enjoyed them in the afternoon to ward off the 3pm slump with a cup of coffee.
These are a great staple to keep in the cupboard for busy mornings and those times you just want to grab and run. Or, like me, if you want to enjoy a moment in the afternoon with a biscuit that doesn’t make you feel too guilty!

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