Bank holiday bonanza – our Morrisonsmum challenge

MORR-320-Week14_heroI was thrilled to be picked to be a #Morrisonsmum mainly because I’ve never really shopped in Morrisons so it was a great opportunity for me to try something and somewhere new.

So off we trundled with our vouchers to begin our Morrisons adventure…

It’s the start of their ‘I’m cheaper’ campaign where they’ve reduced the price on over a thousand products – all identifiable with the yellow stickers. According to them it’s cost-cuttng without compromising on quality – so I was interested to see if this was the case.

First up what really impressed me when I walked in was the fantstic displays of fruit and veg – they looked so good. I loved the fact they had gentle sprays of water wafting over the mounds of herbs and veg to keep it fresh and cool – perfect.


I was also impressed to see a range I haven’t seen in most other places – samphire, they actually had samphire! A great addition to a supermarket which caters for a population not far from the sea. I bought giant leeks and a large head of broccoli – which came in at just 49p. I bought a huge bunch of kurly kale which seemed so much fresher and appealing than the big bags of chopped stuff I’ve bought in other supermarkets.

There were loads of things that impressed me – the fact you could get reduced salt and sugar baked beans from their own range at just 32p – much less thean I normally pay. I picked up a delicious sour dough bloomer for a pound and their own brand unsalted butter was also just £1 – the cheapest I’ve seen for a while.

On the meat counter I got two lovely chunky pork chops for just £3.08 and some diced lamb for £2.86 – that’s ear-marked for a curry.

It was a really positive experience and we even had a lovely chat with the cashier who told us her husband worked at a rival supermarket and how they had their own in-house price war at home!


Once home with a huge amount for our money I decided on two definites I’d make over the weekend to test out Morrison’s goodies. Fish pie is a family favourite and a classic. I used the reduced price salmon I bought, along with two fillets from a bag of four frozen cod fillets. These were one of the best buys – £3 for four large cod fillets, just can’t argue with that.

We had a fab Bank Holiday walk by the river with a bit of pond dipping along the way and worked up a good appetite and I have to say it was delicious! Everyone agreed the cod in particular was succulent and tasted great.  Ribbet collagemorrisons

I used Morrisons’:
Albert Bartlett potatoes – £2.29 (used about half a bag)
Cod fillets – £3 (used half a bag)
Salmon (£2.69)
Milk (89p)
Cheese – already had some
Butter (£1 about quarter of a pack)
Frozen peas ( £1.79 a good handful)
With a few of my own store cupbaord essentials thrown in. Approx £1.25 per portion – made five good portions


Next up were Bank Holiday lemon biscuits made by Arthur and I.


Morrison’s supersaver flour comes in at just 45p, so along with £1 for six free range eggs and my bargain butter they were a cheap and cheerful way of baking with my boy. Oh and I used one of the lemons from a four pack of lemons and limes at just 99p. These came it at around 7p ber biscuit – I made 12.



I’ve been really impressed and will definitely be going back again. The fresh veg and fruit have proved to be fantastic quality and a great price and the meat and fish have been lovely so far. Well done Morrisons – I think you’ve bagged yourself a new customer!

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  1. Thanks for sharing how you got on as a Morrisons Mum. Lovely time to get baking and so much more fun when you get the children involved. Commenting for myself @kateonthinice and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part