Makeup bags – what they really say about us.

Last week a PR sent me some light-hearted stats about women and make up. Apparently 30% of women have make up at least ten years old.

Eugh, yuck that’s vile I thought…until a little voice in my head suggested I might want to go and check. I did and Well, it might not be ten years but some of it possibly wouldn’t pass a lax health and safety check.

There were some sticks of unidentified stuff that I can honestly say I’m not sure if they were for lips, eyes or just a random crayon that got caught up in the whole psychological mess.

Got me thinking about how our make up bags are often our comfort blankets. Not just the mask we apply but more than that. It’s a bit of a journey through my life, the ups and downs reflected in bronzes that hold memories of care-free summers. Near empty pots of sparkly stuff that remind me of dancing and vodka and tequila.

I don’t want to throw them out because actually, they remind of all the different people I’ve been. The moments that make memories all safe and sound in a slightly grubby looking Chanel bag.

I even found a lip pencil I would never wear again but I didn’t throw it because it reminds me of meeting Jonathan. Things like foundation and mascara I will always throw because they are just the canvas. It’s the colour I decided to add, the bright red lipstick I slicked on at the age of 20-something because it made me feel so much more confident than I was.

My makeup was more sparkly, daring and exuberant when I was single and perhaps a little of me would like to go back, just for a day and be that girl again.

I can remember so clearly, being in a club utterly in love with a man who would break my heart. I remember going backwards and forwards to the loos with my best mate, over and over again to reapply highlighter and lip gloss. Like I was going into battle- turns out I was.

Truth is, my makeup bag is the person I am, was and maybe would like to be again. It’s full of crap and broken bits of something but I know in my heart of hearts it will stay that way – unless the health inspector gets me first.

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6 thoughts on “Makeup bags – what they really say about us.

  1. Great post! I have worn pretty much the same make up through my life, always going for neutral tones and not being keen on eye liner, lipstick or bold eye shadows! x

  2. What a beautifully nostalgic post. As a part time beauty blogger I often have to much variety when going to put my makeup on, so it’s nice to have a go-to bag of tricks that does the job when you need to put a face on….and hopefully isn’t crumbly and gross….though I think that my makeup bag may have looked rather like that when my kids were very small. Great article – you’ve given me some serious blog-speration ;-)

  3. Fab post. I’m good at sorting my make up bag out and make up as it’s an important part of who I am and my armour in some respects-goodbye bags from no sleep and hello red lips to liven me up! I love switching it up too and recently got a cute new make up bag from Topshop. Thanks for linking this up to #brilliantblogposts

  4. Lovely thoughtful post. Think I might go and have a trip down memory lane and look at my old make up collection! never thought about my make up in this way before!

  5. I have make up which is way over a decade old… Some of it I still use. I have Estee Lauder eye shadows I LOVE which are in the one before last old packaging and discontinued in colour… If I didn’t eek out the bits I have I’d lose them forever! I’m sticking with them!

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