Hotel Chocolat Easter treats

There is always something decadent about Hotel Chocolat’s goodies and this year theirĀ  Easter treats are no exception.

When they asked if I’d like to review some of their delicious egginess – well Let’s just say I didn’t hesitate.

We were sent the Egg and Chips, which is a cute twist on the British Classic. I love the attention to detail and the fact each egg comes in a lovely bag complete with name tag – like I said. Decadent

The white chocolate slab was delicious with loads of gorgeous vanilla bean running through. It was thick too, something I always look for in a Easter chocolate!

My favourite bits were the little chocolate chips. Filled with a rich liquid caramel they caused huge tension in our house. Rich crisp milk chocolate which simply melted in your mouth. Who was going to get the last one! Arthur loved them too and this Easter treat was perfect for small people too.

It’s difficult to fault gorgeous chocolate, original thinking and gorgeous packaging – so I won’t. Just to say it was the perfect Easter gift for any age. Not that it lasted til Easter in our house!

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