Tesco Finest award-winning Easter

When Tesco offered me a chance to review some of their Easter goodies, well, it would’ve been rude not to. I love Easter chocolate, the crack of the shell, the promise of more deliciousness inside and generally the fact it appears in your house in abundance.
This year
Tesco’s Finest* Medley of Belgian Chocolate Easter Eggs, £25 has cracked it by beating luxury rivals to take the title of Good Housekeeping Easter Egg of the Year. This is the second year running that Tesco has won the coveted award.

I was intrigued, it wasn’t your standard one egg with something inside business. Oh no, this was revved up, cooking on gas, steroid injected Easter egg.

It looks fantastic, almost too good to eat. But I quickly got over this and sat back to enjoy the ride. It really is special and I guess that’s why it beat big names like Harrods to the top spot. It has white, milk and dark chocolate and while not too thin, it had a good crack and felt high quality from the start.

Small boy tried the white choc bit and I had some milk chocolate. I loved the coconut pieces and it’s not something I’ve tried before in an Easter egg and they were scrummy! There are also raspberry and butterscotch pieces but I didn’t get in quick enough to try these. It both got the thumbs with the raspberry bits being described as ‘properly raspberry’.

I’ll admit I’m not a huge dark chocolate fan, I don’t mind a little but it can be overpowering. So over to big boy in the house again, who said: ” Yep, that works.” A ringing endorsement.

It’s not a cheap choice but it feels special and indulgent and each element is well thought through and delicious so for someone special I’d definitely give this the thumbs up. It’s also a great choice for a family as there is something for everyone. It comes in a rather lovely wooden box too – it adds a little something and just shows you don’t have to go too far afield to find something that feels ‘high end’.

It’s not just their eggs either, this year Tesco Finest hot cross buns came out as winners too. They won the Good Housekeeping Hot Cross Bun tasting with their finest* 4 Hot Cross Buns. These come in at £1.70 and while you can get them cheaper these were gorgeous, lots of fruit and easily eaten without butter and weren’t dry at all. Arthur loves hot cross buns and when these ran out he had a full on melt down – praise indeed!

There was a hint of spice which I enjoyed and they didn’t have loads of dried peel instead of fruit, something I’ve found in buns from other supermarkets.

So, would I buy them, the hot cross buns definitely and I’ve already bought some more for the freezer. The Easter egg? Well, I just hope someone buys it for me – hint hint.

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