Birthday Bonanza and why I’m licking windows

Currently I am lying, like a spatchcocked chicken, across my desk willing 5.30pm to come around so I can limp home and die.

This maybe a little meoldramatic granted – but in truth I’m bloody knackered and looking forward to Monday coming to a close. This weekend has been Arthur’s 3rd birthday weekend and it’s been filled with fun, parties, family and lots of lovely friends. It has been wonderful and spanned Thursday to Sunday with delicious aplomb but I’m clearly too overwhemed by the whole weekend to go into detail.

birthdayblog1I also suffered a rather severe slide-related bum injury and as such can’t sit at a computer typing for long for fear of never standing upright again. So here are some photos and I’ll be back once I’ve regained full consciousness and stopped licking the windows.

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