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Posted on February 13, 2014 by Jaime Oliver
Recently I was tagged in a bloggers meme by the lovely Jaime Oliver over at The Oliver’s Madhouse. I love finding out a little more about you lot behind the blogs, what makes you tick and what makes you smile – so here’s my two penneth.

1. Are you a Stay at Home Mum, or a Working Mum?
I work three days a week as a comms consultant for a large financial institution. It has its moments most of them being at the end of the month when I check my bank. Or when I have a a fun campaign to get my teeth into. Mainly it allows me to spend the rest of the week with my boy Arthur – he’s three next month.
I love blogging, quite simply because I love writing, it gives me another outlet for my witterings. It’s the diary you actually want everyone to read.

2. Would you have it any other way?
Hmm, that’s a difficult one. Three days is a nice balance for me but if I won the lottery I’m not sure I’d still be doing what I do. If I got made redundant tomorrow there are things I would miss hugely, like just being known for work I do, the stuff I write at work and the campaigns I get out on time. But I certainly wouldn’t miss leaving my boy two days a week, I say two because he spends Mondays with his daddy so I don’t count that! I like aspects of work but only if I was pushed would I really find out how much or little – if that makes sense.
3. Do you co-sleep?
No, it was never something I did but I’m all for it if it works for you. Luckily Arthur was a good sleeper but whatever gets you through I say.

4. What is your one must-have item for your baby?
I wholeheartedly agree with Jamie – baby wipes! They are magical marvels that remove all stains from all things.

5. How many kids do you plan on having?
I’d like one more – prefer an even number and I have a little brother I adore so I’d like Arthur to have someone he feels like that about too.

6. Date night? How many nights per month?
What night? Afraid we’re rubbish at that and need to sort it out. We often spends nights in together watching tv but rarely go out. To be fair we’re both slightly unsociable buggers!

7. Your child’s favourite show?
Thomas The Tank Engine and Fireman Sam, although the recent discovery of the Cars films and Toy Story means poor Thomas and Sam are on the verge of being chucked.

8. Name one thing you bought before you had your baby and never ended up using?
A bottle warmer, firstly because I breast fed and secondly because if he did have expressed milk it was far too much hassle to take it out with me.

9. Your child’s favourite food?
Chicken curry and rice – very mild curry with lots of creamy sauce. Sausage and mash is also a favourite. All chocolate is high on the list along with punnets of blueberries and endless supplies of banannas. Oh and currently he can’t get enough sticks of red pepper. He’s a boy who loves to eat.

10. How many cars does your family have?Just the one but as I walk to work we can’t justify the expense of another. I live in a city so everything is near by and walkable. Plus my mum lives five minutes away too.

11. Weight gain before pregnancy, during and after and now?
Oh god, I lost two and a half stone before I got pregnant, put on two while pregnant and have continued to see the scales go up since! I need to get it in order, particularly if I want another baby. I love food, really love it and it’s an ongoing battle.

12. Dream holiday with your kids?
I’d love to round everyone up into a winniebagoe and head out onto Route 66 for an adventure.

13. Dream holiday without your kids?
Vietnam and Cambodia and a nice city trip to Rome – I know that’s two but child-free holidays are not going to happen for a long time so I can dream!

14. How has your life changed since your baby has been born?
I’m no longer the centre of my world and it’s the first time I know, without doubt, I’d give my life for someone else’s. I no longer think in the singular and I know the thought of him being hurt by anyone would be more painful than anything. Someone said to me when you have children: ” A piece of your heart is set free to roam about without you.” That sums it up for me. That and the realisation you no longer think anything of wiping someone’s bottom!

15. Finish the sentence: ‘It makes my heart melt to see ‘Arthur sleeping and left over crumble in the fridge.’

16. Where do you shop for your kids?
Often online at Zuilly and also Gap and John Lewis but I alo love H&M for bargains.

17. Favourite makeup and skincare products?
Chanel mascara and Touche Eclat – they are the indulgences I won’t give up.

18. Huggies or Pampers?
To be fair I never used either – I was converted to Aldi nappies and stuck with them, cheap and good quality and never leaked – what more do you want.

19. Have you always wanted kids?
I’m not sure, during my twenties I didn’t give it much thought but I guess I never envisaged life without them either.

20. Best part about being a mum?
Someone calling: ” mummy!” even if it is from the loo. Someone who continues your family thread and when they smile, look like a grandparent or an uncle. Having someone who loves you so unconditionally and who you love unconditionally too. Being able to go to adventure parks and other child-focussed places without getting strange looks!

I am now tagging:
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