Our wonderful weekend box

Arthur and I were lucky enough to try one of these weekend boxes and I have to say- we thought it was great!

It comes in a lovely colourful box which is already enticing to little hands and imaginations and what’s inside doesn’t let down either.
We had huge fun making sand pictures and while they might not have looked exactly as I intended we loved it. Arthur chose his colours and tried very hard to get them in the right place but in the end we just had some marvellous multi-coloured fun.

The box really does have everything, even down to little packets of glue. This is a massive thumbs up from me- I can’t count the number of times I’ve sat down to do some crafts only to forget we have no glue, string, glitter etc.

I loved the bird feeder made with lollipop sticks and I think this was Arthur’s favourite part. It came with a big bag of bird seed and for three days he dutifully filled it up and watched the little birds have their lunch. For tea that night we made the potato boats which were very easy and very effective.

All in all the box was a brilliant addition to a rainy weekend, full of great stuff and every little detail was thought through. You get stickers to add to your cards once you’ve done an activity and Arthur has put these in his bedroom – he loves a sticker!

We’ve yet to make the 3d glasses but the forecast is looking grim this weekend so they might be on the list!

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  1. Our Weekend Box is still sat on the side in the kitchen waiting for us to have chance to delve into it! I’m excited though :)
    Thanks for linking up this week

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