#All About You

Sitting on the floor watching Jeremy Kyle because I have a whole day child and work free and I’m not sure what to do. I hate JK.

It’s half an hour after writing that line above and here’s my list of things I want to do today:

  • Buy a broadsheet and sit in a cafe window seat with lattes and cake.
  • Go for a power walk- it’s beautifully sunny and I want to breath some in at my pace not a toddlers pace
  • Make love to my partner- ooh er during the day as well.

So it’s 8.30pm and here’s what I achieved.

  • I went for coffee on my own in my sports kit and I did wallow in words and cake and sunshine.
  • I power walked back and it was so lovely
  • I cleaned the bathroom and steam cleaned my oven door.

I didn’t do the last one on my list so maybe next time I’ll forego the power walk and make time for us as well as me. Still, the oven door looks great.

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