Embracing Thrifty January

This month I’ve made a promise to myself to cook more, buy less- simple changes but for us as a family, at weekends, it always goes to pot.
There’s a sense of indulgence, that we should ‘treat’ ourselves and before I know it Sunday is here and we’ve spent a fortune on food we didn’t need and thrown out lovely stuff we had.

Lovely Jubly veggy soup
So this humble vegetable soup was a show of respect for the carrots, leeks, potatoes, celery and onions waiting patiently in my fridge. This weekend dear veg, you are taking centre stage. Titivated with a little chickens stock I had in the freezer, some garlic and a bay leaf, it really was delicious. I also added a sprinkle of cheese and it was hoovered up by boys big and small amidst wedges of lovely buttery bread.

I even managed to save some for my lunch on Monday. That’s the other bit of my promise-no more spending money on work lunches and coffees. I worked out Im was spending more than £20 per week and I only work three days- that’s utter laziness(coupled with a rather huge caffeine addiction).

January I am embracing your thrifty nifty frostiness- next up is roast shoulder of pork with enough to make Monday’s dinner and Tuesday’s lunch too!

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