Portable North Pole review

santa2I was so pleased to be asked to review the Portable North Pole video – not least because I’m an absolute Christmas obsessive and while actually believing in the big man might be a bit of a stretch for me – seeing him through Arthur’s eyes is just amazing.
It was easy to use, I simply tapped in my promo code and filled in the details – Arthur’s name, what he likes to do, whether he goes to nursery etc. It also asked you to confirm the correct pronunciation of your child’s name too.

Santa was very authentic with a wonderful beard and sitting in a magical setting. His big beard meant it genuinely looked like he was talking to Arthur and there was no hugely obvious dubbing of the sound either. Arthur was absolutely wide-eyed and watched it over and over again asking where he was and when he would see him again. Just to see how real it was for him and to experience is excitement was a perfect Christmas moment.

It was a wonderful way to add a little something extra to Christmas and I will definitely be going back next year to do another.

Every year they expand their range and as well as videos and phone calls, available in their store this year are letters from Santa, certificates to let your children know they are on the nice list and even personalised colouring books.
The free version is great – perfect for Arthur as just two-and-a-half but if your child is older or you want something more you can pay just £2.99 for the premium video. The video itself is twice as long as the free version.

You are able to choose from a wide range of scenarios and exclusive clips including watching the elves making certain toys and Santa standing with the reindeers. You can even make it that much more personal with extra images being added.

I have a little Christmas present for you too – a discount code giving you 20% off digital products in the PNP store valid until 1st January if you fancy spreading a little Christmas magic: BLG20BKP

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