Munchkin’s marvellous bath toys and tidy


Toddlers love baths. Well toddlers love messing about with water – not sure actually washing is quite so important to them!

So we all know that making bath time fun is a key to getting them in and making them stay long enough to actually clean them! I’ve been sent some lovely new bath toys from Munchkin to help with the whole process.


They are lovely and Arthur’s really been enjoying playing with his new friends. They are not your standard duck and frog creatures either. There’s a sea horse, a hermit crab, a cute little star fish and even a hammer head shark – a motely crew of searfaring friends! Of course they all squeeze water out and Arthur’s had loads of fun.

A perfect size for little hands they are well-made and just easy to use as well. He also loved the Tug along Boat which scoops up water and has a raft and some cute little characters to sail the boat. Again this was gorgeous and bright, well-made and easy to use with little hands.

We were also send a fab bath tidy to keep everything in. Made of mould resistant neoprene it’s perfect for all his toys and has a drain hole at the bottom. If fixes to your tiles with four suction pads and was so easy to put up – and so far it’s stayed up too. It was quite a revelation to see the edges of our bath as it’s usually covered in all manner of toddler chaos!


Well done Munchkin they are lovely toys that capture the imagination and mean I can get my boy clean while he sails the seven seas!

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