My three day Exante diet

 So a few weeks I was sent some samples from Exante, a meal replacement diet, to review. I was all raring to go and then got struck down with the flu, which, in itself, is a fairly effective weigh loss option!

With Christmas looming ever closer on the horizon I thought I’d give a very low calorie diet a go – just for three days to see if I could kick start a final two week diet and lose a bit of my troublesome tum.

There’s a great selection on the website and I was pleased to see a balance between sweet and savoury as often it’s just the relentless sweet shakes. So I was hopeful of some delicious, unctious and wonderfully filling meal. Ok, I’m jesting but I jsut hoped it would taste better than ones I’d tried before!

In my box, I was given chocolate shakes, strawberry shakes, two different bars, vegetable soup, tomato & basil soup, thai chicken soup and mushroom soup. It’s all so easy. For the bars it’s rip off the wrapper and eat and for everything else just add water! The soups take a bit of getting right in terms of heating and consistency but I whizzed the shakes up in my blender in a couple of minutes


I was really impressed with the shakes; in particular the chocolate one which was rich and very chocolately. It felt quite indulgent and this was the one I enjoyed the most. Making it with my shaker meant there were lumps left in the mixture, while making it with my blender meant that the shake was smooth and frothy. Like a cold hot-chocolate drink and was rather delicious.

The strawberry one, which was breakfast on day two, was quite nice although not as strong in flavour. When it comes to banana it’s not for me, that’s not the shake’s fault – I just hate banana!

I found the shakes easy to use and they made up a lot so left me feeling full.


For lunch I went for the soups – I did it during my days off work so I didn’t have to monopolise the microwave in the office.


I got it wrong to start with and ended up with some kind of mouse – not great for a soup. But after a little practise I managed to create a soupy texture and the tomato and basil was quite pleasant. I did cheat slightly and add a pinch of chilli flakes.

The vegetable soup has a better texture and after a quick microwave, stir and microwave again it turned out ok. I guess with such tight calorie control there are never going to taste amazing but they are superior to another well-known VLC diet I’ve tried in the past.

The mushroom soup was the best and even had a creamy taste and was very mushroomy. It made it feel a little more satisfying.


In the evening I had bars so I felt I had a little something to munch on – god how I missed chewing by the evening!

I had the chocolate and orange bars which looked quite substantial in the packet. You can only have one of these a day so if I was fdoing it longer I think I’d have them at lunch time for the convenience factor. It tasted rather nice, if a little powdery. Definitely orangy and I liked the fact it was chewy and made you feel you were actually eating something a bit indulgent.

My three days on Exante

Overall easier than expected and after the first morning I didn’t feel hungry – just craved carbs but that’s going to happen when you do a diet like this. The products are well labelled and fairly easy to use although the soup takes a bit of time to get right.

I liked some of the flavours and was impressed by the bars. Overall, if you do a fast diet like this you go in with your eyes open. You will crave carbs for a while but the fact the products had chromium in helped – it’s supposed to help stabilize blood sugar levels. This diet is also supposed to put you into ketosis, where basically you have no carb stores from food and your body starts using up its own. Not sure three days is enough to test this but I do think I could’ve stuck to this a lot longer than the three days too.

I was feeling quite bright-eyed and alert. So, what did the scales say? Well, apparently I lost 5lbs! Not bad for three days effort and a good boost to continue up until Christmas.

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