Winter gardening tips

It’s this time of year I look out into our garden and sigh a little. Leaves are covering most of the path ways; the pots are filthy and simply playing host to few a few sad looking twigs and the ground is hard, full of half-dead plants and an endless supply of snail shells.

It’s so easy just to leave it until spring when you feel a bit more enthusiastic and you’ve seen the first few green shoots. But this year we’re going to do a few simple things to makes life easier in the Spring. We’ve already build some new beds and this summer we put new soil down and invested in some new garden furniture. So it makes sense to do a bit of work now – even if I don’t feel like it!


So here are some top tips for delivering a little tlc to your winter garden. Now I’m no Alan Titchmarsh so these are easy to so, quick wins and I’m not promising they will create an oasis – but they will help!

  • First up is a common sense clean up. I got rid of all the Autumn leaves and piled them into the compost head. If not they simple turn to slime across the path and by Spring you’re left with horrible marks that need scrubbing. I’m going to get down and get rid of all that horrible moss that grows up along the paths too.
  • I also took all my pots with summer plants, emptied them and gave them a good clean with elbow grease and washing liquid. I’ve stored the ones I’m not using in the shed so they don’t suffer in the frost.
  • This weekend we’ll be rampaging through the garden deadheading all those plants that looked so beautiful in Summer. I’ll also be cutting back my lavender and all those plants that grow back for Spring. It means we won’t be left with loads of woody twig growth.
  • Next up will be adding loads of lovely compost to the soil to get it in tip top condition.
  • I’ll also be planting some evergreens so my garden doesn’t look quite so depressing throughout the winter months.
  • We’ll also be sprucing up the fence panels and making sure any holes or rot are dealt with before they get too bad.
  • I love cooking with herbs from the garden so I’ll be moving the bay, rosemary and others somewhere warmer to avoid the frosts- probably just inside the shed.
  • Oh and last but not least I’ll be making sure our bird table is well stocks for our feathery friends

We’ve got big plans for the garden next year, we need it to be in great condition so we can get on with making it perfect for our family. There will be new seating areas and I want to plant some fruit trees too. If we follow some of these expert winter gardening tips and get our garden in great condition now, at least when the fun starts in spring we’ll be ready to rock n roll!

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