Mens fashion dilemas solved

Men’s Winter Fashion

The sun has shut up shop for the year and the cold has firmly settled in. How long it will stay for, only time will tell, but investing in some cosy clothing to take you through the dark, icy months is highly advisable. If you’re bored of hoodies and boring jumpers then take a look at this list of the newest and most fun ways to keep warm this winter.


Ok, so it may be a bit weird to head outdoors in one of these pyjama-esque get ups, but the onesie has risen to prominence in the past couple of years for good reason. Nothing beats the snug feeling of an all in one set made of warm fabrics and often featuring a hood for extra insulation. Zip up to the top and you’ll soon find that you are climbing into your onesie every time you walk through the door! A onesie without feet is advisable so you can match it with your favourite pair of slippers for the ultimate comfort plus warmth combination.

Novelty Christmas Jumper

A normal looking jumper with a humongous print of santa, a polar bear or some reindeer on has somehow wormed its way from unbearably lame to so-lame-it’s-cool and there are a huge selection of really warm jumpers like this around this year. Whatever ridiculous picture you choose to wear across your chest, you can be sure of a warm winter and also show that you’re game for poking a bit of ever-so-ironic fun at yourself. These jumpers may not be much use outside of Christmas time, but they are good fun and will be available to you during one of the coldest spells of the year. Whether you want to be seen in public with yours or are content to let your family get a few laughs at it over your Christmas dinner is up to you!


Another fashion item that has suffered being labeled as terminally un-cool, the knitted cardigan has risen to a fashionable standing that the novelty jumper can never match. These are considered genuinely cool now and cardigans from George at ASDA offer huge varieties of colour and style to the fashion-conscious cold person. They really are cosy too, with a good knit giving that weighty quality feel that insulates you fantastically during cold weather.

Trapper Hat

Keeping your body warm is all well and good, but being out and about with cold ears can be extremely unpleasant. A good hat will sort this out and the undoubted coolest option at the moment is a good trucker-style trapper hat. Big amounts of fur lining with pads that go over your ears will mean you can say goodbye to hearing-wrecking chills and cold necks with one garment – smart!


Keeping up with the cold and keeping up with fashion doesn’t have to be hard. These items will keep you looking fresh while enabling you to keep the feeling back in your extremities – just make sure you grab yours before you get snowed in somewhere!

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